​Carol and James would like to welcome you to their website and their home. Alfross House is set in 30 acres of prime Derbyshire farm land. The family have been here for 4 generations and they have had Leonbergers since 1990, our first leos where Fiscus and Inga. To find out more about the early days  go to our old web site www.alfrossleonberg.co.uk  or https://www.alfrossleonberg.com where you will see their dogs from the past.


Although they have had Leonbergers for many years they do not breed lots of litters 'more doesn't mean best'. They have travelled to Finland, Germany, Holland, Denmark and Sweden to study the breed and to find what we consider to be the most compatible lines. They also follow the health breeding regulations closely.


Most of their dogs have their own page to see what they have been up to including show wins just click on their page to find out.



Our great niece, Nat Coxon, lives just across the road from us and overcame her fear of dogs around 8years ago. She tries to help as much as she can with the brushing, walking, training and showing as you may see on the photos. Here is her story..

"One day around 7/8 years ago, my Nana Chris took me down to my Great Aunty Carol’s house to walk a Shetland pony as I was petrified of dogs..and I mean absolutely petrified. I use to to scream even if there was a dog across the road from me. So off we went Nana, Carol & Jupiter the pony. Then, Nana asked Carol if she would get one of the greyhounds out as they are gentle and not scary at all. But Aunty Carol brought out little Rosey, her cross breed lurcher type dog who was rescued from the streets of Ireland. Before I knew it I was walking Rosey around the lanes and wasn’t scared of her at all. Gradually, I went down to Carol’s house and got introduced to the greyhounds, then the older Leo’s until I was able to not be scared at all. It’s taken quite a few years to build up my confidence around them but these past 3/4years have been the best and the dogs have become my best friends and so important to me. It’s given me a massive hobby and who knows what I would be doing right know if it wasn’t for them! Although I’m still unsure around barking and growling dogs I’m proud of how far I’ve come and being with the dogs has made me experience things I never thought I would. Such as going abroad showing, training, working and meeting lots of new people and dogs. I could never done any of this without Carol and of course Rosey & all my other favourite dogs!❤️From being the young, small 7/8year old I was to being 16 I’ve gained so much & met so many friends x"



Blue - Alfross Kapuko Haruki
      at Crufts March 2020
Tula - Alfross Kapuko Kalinda
     at Crufts March 2020
Blue (Alfross Kapuko Haruki) & Roma (Alfross Kapakira Kofel) carting together
Kapu - CH Lempileijonan Itse Kateudenpoika
Kodi - Alfross Kapuko Utu Ecplispe
         at Crufts March 2020